Monday, August 29, 2011

I want to strangle her sometimes.

My mother-in-law called today to warn me that Obama is just like Hitler. Yes, apparently they are exactly the same.

Just thought you all should know.

Also she makes a lot of comments about how small our house is. Not in a nice way.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

over the edge

so, i usually don't have much to post. i especially don't usually have much to bitch about. but i have had it and hope that some of you can have a laugh at my expense. i sure hope i can laugh about it all soon, too.

i went up to portland this weekend for a wedding. first off, i forgot my camera and iPhone charger. two strikes. (luckily i borrowed a charger from a friend so i didn't have to buy one). i should have known there was more bad luck in my future...

now, i knew that it might be a bit strange because i went alone and only knew the bride and groom. i vowed to have fun and meet people so i talked to a few people at the welcome lunch and headed back to my hotel. the next day was the wedding. the wedding was up in the mountains, so we needed to take shuttle busses out to smaller shuttle vans up to the wedding site. so, i got on the bus. i said hi to the bride's cousin and sat down. sure enough, the bus filled up slowly- every seat was filled except the seat next to me. the kicker was when the bus guy got on board with some cases of water bottles and piled them up on the seat next to me. my date, the water bottles. funny, but also sad. that's part one.

part two could involve the ride home to the hotel where i again sat alone, but we won't get into that. or the part when everyone was dancing with their partners and i was just kind of standing awkwardly by where there weren't really any other people to talk to at that point. (in the end the wedding was fine and it was beautiful, too.)

but, i'll save part two for the ride home this morning (on a plane that left when i should have still been sleeping). when i got home and off of the plane, i forgot my phone was in my lap and i'm sure i dropped it. i had gone to the bathroom where i realized this dilemma and so i hurried back to my gate. the agent guy ran aboard the plane before they started boarding it again for another flight. he didn't find it. he tried calling because i had left the phone on, but no luck.

when ian picked me up, we tried calling again and this time it went straight to voicemail. conclusion: my phone had been stolen. and someone had turned it off. i think its now on again, but seriously. the killer is that they stole my phone before i could get all of the photos off of it from the wedding- or from my entire summer. back up your phones is the message here...

spent this afternoon cleaning up from my trip, going to a 4-year old birthday party, and then headed off to do another side job i have- second shooter at weddings. i was the assistant photographer tonight until 10pm.

here's the thing that just sent me over the edge. i opened the medicine cabinet at my new house to brush my teeth, and what ran behind my contact water? yes- the biggest cockroach i have ever seen. what did i do? start crying. seriously. i am so tired and have just had the most exhausting day.

then i decided to take action: i went into the kitchen and got some cleaner. i sprayed him just as he was creeping out. he darted behind another bottle. at this point i just stared at the area he was hiding in. what does a person do? so, i woke up my new roommate who got up, put on some shorts, came in, grabbed him by one leg, dropped him in the toiled and flushed him down. not kidding. then he went back to bed and i stood there half crying and half scared that there are more like him lurking in my bedroom.

so that's what sent me over the edge. tomorrow has to be better...back to work tomorrow and officially on tuesday and kids in a week and i already need another vacation!