Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why? .. Wyoming.

I just want to throw it out there... we aren't all ridiculous, conservative and hypocritical...

So, i was just listening to NPR talk of the nation- issue: Fracking. They were talking to Josh Fox who made the documentary Gasland. Fracking is pumping chemicals underground to access the natural gas. It's horrible and effecting groundwater in Pavillion, WY who no one has ever heard of, but is about 30 miles from Lander. The Governor we elected in November doesn't believe that fracking has anything to do w/ the groundwater pollution in Pavillion, even though the same chemicals have been found in the ground water. Residents in Pavillion are able to light their water coming out of their faucets on fire. Awesome.
So, on Talk of the Nation some guy calls in from Casper, WY. I thought, oh, that's cool. Then he starts commenting how he worked for Haliburton (another superly awesome something) and blah blah blah fracking has nothing to do w/ groundwater contaminates bc of the difference in depth. GOD DAMNIT!
Not to mention WY just passed legislation changing our f*cking constitution opposing 'obamacare' and not recognizing single sex marriages from other states. Are we really that hypocrytical? well, I'm writing to all 6 of you reading this- not everyone here is a complete junkshow. Some of us are fighting....
(head hung in shame..)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm not trying to be paranoid

But today I posted something about Scott Walker on facebook. Right away, two people liked it. But then I went back like an hour later and the likes were gone. What is up, facebook?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Anything with a crow on the cover is alright by me

It has been awhile since I have listened to a new album as much as this one. (Taylor Swift's was totally not my fault) It is REALLY good. For some reason it reminds me of Lyle Lovett's "Road to Ensenada" - I think it is because I have been listening to it as much as I listened to that one 15 years ago. I don't often do that - actually I don't often get into new music. Usually I am 5 years late to the game. I mean I still listen to mixed tapes from college and STILL sing the wrong words - "a pocket full of pose" for instance.

This album plus tickets to see Ryan Bingham this weekend means I am musically happy even as I am surrounded by the ever present noise of Taylor Swift and Irish Jigs.

P.S. - He really could have done without the annoying Mariachi trumpet that shows up randomly. i think it would have been near perfect if he had.

Friday, February 18, 2011

I don't need this shit

My washing machine broke this week. It is a year old.
I got "flashed" by a speed camera in a construction zone yesterday.
Double fines I am sure
A rock hit my wind sheild last night and it cracked

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Meatza Pizza

You know how Karl's brother and his wife had their baby two weeks ago? Well, apparently Karl's mom brought them a meal last week. She called it a Meatza. It was a pie tin filled with ground beef (no crust), then a layer of ketchup, then a layer of cheese. She brought two of them, but she forgot the ketchup on one. Classic.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

How many seconds?

8 obviously.
So, I'm on my 4th sick day at home. Are you kidding me? no, no one is kidding here.
Yesterday my big outing was to the library (literally right across the st) to pick up a movie hold. The journey nearly kicked my ass.
Today, I made it to the post office and on the way home decided to return said movie and see if there was anything on the shelf worth watching.
First thing to catch my eye in 2.2 seconds... "8 Seconds"!
Move over Joey Cargill, this cowgirl is going to re-learn the dance.
One, Two, Three, Four...

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Just because some memories need to be remembered -

From: "Jen Jacobsen"
Subject: budda
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 15:59:36 MDT

who would have thought that when i innocently woke up this morning at 10:37am that my day would turn so intense?
i need a shot of tequilla right now. lime AND salt.
so i'm sewing away, no big deal. normal morning on jones for me.
i smell something. out of the vent in my floor.
in soon discovery spedict, premo and i are searching the stinky basement for dead. we think it's in our warm friend downstairs (which case turned on last night and she got sick off the smell) then premo says to look in one of the drawers in our dark room.
and HOLY HELL! we find budda, the neighbors missing cat. dead.
oh, boys-----you left for work and think the story is over. but no.
i'm home waiting for the exterminator to come take the cat.
no, he won't take the drawer also, he says there's no room in his truck so the maggoty drawer still sits in our driveway. he says the maggots will be dead by tomorrow. and as he's about to leave, the car pulls up. the neighbor (peggy, i found out her name) come out, sees the animal control truck. asks if they've found her cat and with a simple nod of my head, she starts bawling and next think i know my shoulder is her kleenex. (i've never met the lady before)
in the confusion of mr exterminator warning her about her cat's condition and her insisting that she wants it to bury, the phone rings and it's kevin cashman. i'm talking to this kid and finally he's like, so how have you been? he wasn't expecting my reply. oh and cashman had just called BEFORE the exterminator got there, so i had two intense cashman calls, dealing with rotting budda cats, crying ladies and i just wanted to take a shower. then a random guy tries to deliver this 7 ft long tube package for some random who doesn't live here anymore, but still uses 7033 jones ave for his mailing address. it was simply too much.
so i get off the phone cause peggy said she wanted to talk to me and i thought she was mad at me for sending her cat to animal control. so i brace myself for that. she wasn't mad at all, but in talking to her, she let's me in on her "funny story" i think she almost told case the other day.
......our house is haunted. or maybe vexed is a better word.
anyway, that is why the lady before us moved out. there is also a dead cat buried in our yard.
so that is my story.
i have to go to work so this is a message to my roommates as much as anyone, but tell me this.
what is worse. maggoty cats or maggoty rats.
both i can deal without.
peace and pleasant smells.

i want to know

warning: i am feeling a bit down at this moment, so this post probably isn't going to be the most cheery post...

i want to know how to be happy with another person. not all of the time, but relatively most of the time. i want to know if its possible for things to be easier than they are, and if its worth trying to find it. i want to know if i am so impossible that i will never be happy in a relationship. do i create my own unhappiness? am i just too difficult? maybe i just don't know how to get to that place. seriously, i want to know.

the truth is that i can only change so much to be a better person and to be easier to live with and less critical and more laid-back, but sometimes my difficult self is going to come out and someone just has to love me anyway. right? at least i hope that someone can.

guess you all are glad you aren't dating me :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Center of Attention

So tomorrow is my birthday (seriously), and I am kind of dreading it. Karl is working two shifts so I won't see him at all, which is okay except it means that if I do something social I have to go by myself and hope friends show up. And then what if no one else comes? I'm already having extreme anxiety. God. I should have lied and said my birthday was in April. I was smart in college. I only like other people's birthdays.

Remember that super sweet birthday party you guys threw for me at Keller's house? Jen, you had those witch fingers on, and you guys gave me that yellow bear which I still have BTW. That was the best birthday.

Speaking of college, I'm organizing all of my photos (huge job... taking way longer than I anticipated). I have so many from college. It's kind of out of control. And many of them are super dark, or just of the backs of people's heads, or blurry. Why do I still have them?! Don't worry, you will all be getting some in the mail eventually. Case, how many do you want of Meagan?