Monday, March 18, 2013

Indian Food

Over the weekend, Karl and I had lunch with his parents.  During our awkward and strained conversation, his mom asked if I had cooked anything good lately.  I said, "We made an Indian cauliflower dish in the slow cooker last week that we both really liked."  She replied, "Oh, Indian... I've always been interested in early American cooking!  Where did you get the recipe?"

Friday, February 8, 2013

chicken shack

so last night adam asked if i wanted to 'play crib'.. i was like- 'you want to play cribbage!!?? are you feeling up to it??!!'.. (he's been sick)
and he responded.. 'well yea, it's not like it's charades or something.'

and then i proceeded to tell him all about charades at zerda. i consulted the wall. i performed chicken shack (serendipitously jess hylla posted the chicken shack on fb yesterday), as well as my other classic.. "man hiking through yellowstone, attacked by a grizzly bear and all they found was his lip".

thought that was worthy of a post on LIP CHIP!

loveyou guys.. and my zerda memories.  hilar!