Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"That's what they are wearing"

My mom and my aunt always say that. They might have been able to fool me when I was 8but now? Whenever I hear that I always wonder who in the hell THEY are. So my aunt is in town right now (FAAT). We've done a bit of shopping and a lot of chatting and she keeps bringing up a fashion show that she went to recently.

"That is what they said at the fashion show."
"I saw a women wearing that at the fashion show."
"The women at the fashion show said you should have two of these this winter."

Finally last night I said, "Where exactly was this fashion show? Who put it on?"

I thought for sure it was at the Junior League - (which might explain the fashions we were talking about).

I almost spit my wine out when she told me.

If you guess you'll get a new plum purse - if I can find one. (The lady at the fashion show said everyone needs one)