Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"That's what they are wearing"

My mom and my aunt always say that. They might have been able to fool me when I was 8but now? Whenever I hear that I always wonder who in the hell THEY are. So my aunt is in town right now (FAAT). We've done a bit of shopping and a lot of chatting and she keeps bringing up a fashion show that she went to recently.

"That is what they said at the fashion show."
"I saw a women wearing that at the fashion show."
"The women at the fashion show said you should have two of these this winter."

Finally last night I said, "Where exactly was this fashion show? Who put it on?"

I thought for sure it was at the Junior League - (which might explain the fashions we were talking about).

I almost spit my wine out when she told me.

If you guess you'll get a new plum purse - if I can find one. (The lady at the fashion show said everyone needs one)


  1. AKS sisters? (this is Amanda but Blogger won't let me tell you that)

  2. the ladies at the red hat society?
    (did they also say the crimp is coming back? bc if they did it is probably bc of me.. bringing the crimp back.. one crimp at a time!)

  3. http://photos.indystar.com/galleries/10256-sisters-of-st-benedict-exhibit