Sunday, March 20, 2011

Speaking of new looks...

Last weekend I decided to cross off one of those "bucket list" items and get a Brazilian, which I'm pretty sure qualifies as a new look. Anyway, I mentioned to a friend that the person who gave me the Brazilian is in my book club and that we went out for beers afterward. She thought it was maybe a little weird, but I thought it was perfectly normal. Why not pick someone you're comfortable with? And, why not reward yourself with beer afterward? I think it was painful enough to warrant a beer or two and a few laughs with a friend post-sugaring. Is this weird?

Anyway, I'm liking my own new look, but really don't care for the new look of our blog. That said, I second Case's comment re: I won't ask when I change it either.


new look?

is this background okay? i kind of wanted to change it up... if not, i'm not offended and i'll change it back!

getting "fixed"

my dog got spayed on friday. and then i wondered, why do people call it "fixed" as if something was wrong with her? it would seem like she was perfect and now is slightly "broken" as all of her little female parts are missing. so sad to see her in pain, and so hard to keep her from being excited and jumping and running...

and another thing: do dogs go into early menopause after being spayed? i mean, i think that if humans have a hysterectomy that they go through some serious hormonal changes, so what about dogs? maybe since she never went into heat it will be less pronounced? or maybe i'm going to have a seriously hormonally messed up puppy for a while. let's hope not...


so... a while back i was at a library conference event with amanda. one of her friends was talking about this girl, let's just call her "judy" for the sake of the story. anyway, this woman said that judy was the kind of girl who was just out of it, clueless, very awkward and kind of inappropriate at times. this is what i gathered from her, anyway. she said that they use this woman as a gauge for others like her, and refer to them as "foj's" or "friends of judy's."

i think that i find myself in contact with people like this way too often, and constantly laugh to myself as i refer to them as "foj's." my boss is constantly reminding me that she is a foj. seriously. anyway, i thought you might all know some folks like this and so now that you know, you can use the term, too.

on another note, this is one of the first weekends i can remember in a while that i am not working or traveling or busy with something. yesterday i was super productive- cleaned out the garage, did laundry, etc. but today i have done basically nothing. it feels kind of strange...

hope you all are pleasantly busy on this sunday!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Forgetful Jones

Karl and I leave for Italy today! I'm so excited.

We got a bon voyage card from his mom. She wrote, "May the Lord grant you protection from forgetfulness, danger, and sickness."

Two things:
1. Forgetfulness? I would never think to ask for protection against forgetfulness. I guess I've always just forgotten to do that...

2. Is it really that hard to be positive? I would like to suggest that next time, the card would read: "May the Lord grant you an alert mind, safety, and health." She is like Debbie Downer to the max, people.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

True Confessions..

I bought a package of peeps the other day from the dollar store.
How's that for upholding my morals and beliefs.