Tuesday, March 8, 2011

True Confessions..

I bought a package of peeps the other day from the dollar store.
How's that for upholding my morals and beliefs.


  1. SWEET!!! Chicks or bunnies? Pink, purple, or yellow? I hope they were delicious!

  2. What to peeps have to do with morals and beliefs?

  3. high fructose corn syrup and cheap corporate crap?

    yellow chicks at easter are the only peeps i will ever splurge to buy. i have a few left. letting those get nice and stale in honor of one mr. cargill sr.

  4. yup. the stale ones always make me think of him. funny. hope you enjoyed every last bite, jen. a little bit of corporate crap is sometimes good for the soul- even as its bad for the body :) i can't wait to get some for myself!