Friday, March 11, 2011

Forgetful Jones

Karl and I leave for Italy today! I'm so excited.

We got a bon voyage card from his mom. She wrote, "May the Lord grant you protection from forgetfulness, danger, and sickness."

Two things:
1. Forgetfulness? I would never think to ask for protection against forgetfulness. I guess I've always just forgotten to do that...

2. Is it really that hard to be positive? I would like to suggest that next time, the card would read: "May the Lord grant you an alert mind, safety, and health." She is like Debbie Downer to the max, people.


  1. That is nothing but total awesomeness. Definately not dum.

  2. dum, da dum, dum DUMb.

    well, i'm wishing you sunny days, romantic nights and a glorious time abroad.

    have fun ACEtasTIC! <3

  3. just read this. seriously?

    hope you are having a fabulous time!!

    p.s. if she ever goes on a trip, i'm sure we can brainstorm some great things to wish to her protection from...