Sunday, March 20, 2011

Speaking of new looks...

Last weekend I decided to cross off one of those "bucket list" items and get a Brazilian, which I'm pretty sure qualifies as a new look. Anyway, I mentioned to a friend that the person who gave me the Brazilian is in my book club and that we went out for beers afterward. She thought it was maybe a little weird, but I thought it was perfectly normal. Why not pick someone you're comfortable with? And, why not reward yourself with beer afterward? I think it was painful enough to warrant a beer or two and a few laughs with a friend post-sugaring. Is this weird?

Anyway, I'm liking my own new look, but really don't care for the new look of our blog. That said, I second Case's comment re: I won't ask when I change it either.



  1. It is beyond a little weird. It is fucking crazy. And the "freind" said that the first time. It is the same thing as taking your OBGYN out for a beer after a pap. You crossed a line Keller

  2. i see nothing wrong with it.

    and i'm sorry you hate the new look. change away :)


  3. At least you know you don't have some wacky shit going on down there if she's joining you for a beer afterward. I'd be more concerned if she suddenly canceled the after bar and dropped you from her Twitter account.