Sunday, March 20, 2011


so... a while back i was at a library conference event with amanda. one of her friends was talking about this girl, let's just call her "judy" for the sake of the story. anyway, this woman said that judy was the kind of girl who was just out of it, clueless, very awkward and kind of inappropriate at times. this is what i gathered from her, anyway. she said that they use this woman as a gauge for others like her, and refer to them as "foj's" or "friends of judy's."

i think that i find myself in contact with people like this way too often, and constantly laugh to myself as i refer to them as "foj's." my boss is constantly reminding me that she is a foj. seriously. anyway, i thought you might all know some folks like this and so now that you know, you can use the term, too.

on another note, this is one of the first weekends i can remember in a while that i am not working or traveling or busy with something. yesterday i was super productive- cleaned out the garage, did laundry, etc. but today i have done basically nothing. it feels kind of strange...

hope you all are pleasantly busy on this sunday!

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