Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why? .. Wyoming.

I just want to throw it out there... we aren't all ridiculous, conservative and hypocritical...

So, i was just listening to NPR talk of the nation- issue: Fracking. They were talking to Josh Fox who made the documentary Gasland. Fracking is pumping chemicals underground to access the natural gas. It's horrible and effecting groundwater in Pavillion, WY who no one has ever heard of, but is about 30 miles from Lander. The Governor we elected in November doesn't believe that fracking has anything to do w/ the groundwater pollution in Pavillion, even though the same chemicals have been found in the ground water. Residents in Pavillion are able to light their water coming out of their faucets on fire. Awesome.
So, on Talk of the Nation some guy calls in from Casper, WY. I thought, oh, that's cool. Then he starts commenting how he worked for Haliburton (another superly awesome something) and blah blah blah fracking has nothing to do w/ groundwater contaminates bc of the difference in depth. GOD DAMNIT!
Not to mention WY just passed legislation changing our f*cking constitution opposing 'obamacare' and not recognizing single sex marriages from other states. Are we really that hypocrytical? well, I'm writing to all 6 of you reading this- not everyone here is a complete junkshow. Some of us are fighting....
(head hung in shame..)


  1. Jen, I sometimes can't believe what's going on in Wisconsin even though I'm from there- all we can do is speak our minds and let people know that not everyone is as crazy as the politicians from our states. Good luck, and keep us posted. And in the meantime, maybe don't drink the water!

  2. ARGH!!! Sound like an Americans for Prosperity ploy to me. I just read how here in WI the governor wants to lift the mandate that says that all drinking water must be disinfected. I don't know a lot about water, but that sounds like a terrible idea to me.