Thursday, February 3, 2011

Center of Attention

So tomorrow is my birthday (seriously), and I am kind of dreading it. Karl is working two shifts so I won't see him at all, which is okay except it means that if I do something social I have to go by myself and hope friends show up. And then what if no one else comes? I'm already having extreme anxiety. God. I should have lied and said my birthday was in April. I was smart in college. I only like other people's birthdays.

Remember that super sweet birthday party you guys threw for me at Keller's house? Jen, you had those witch fingers on, and you guys gave me that yellow bear which I still have BTW. That was the best birthday.

Speaking of college, I'm organizing all of my photos (huge job... taking way longer than I anticipated). I have so many from college. It's kind of out of control. And many of them are super dark, or just of the backs of people's heads, or blurry. Why do I still have them?! Don't worry, you will all be getting some in the mail eventually. Case, how many do you want of Meagan?



  1. so i was just going to hop on and wish ACE a HAPPY DAPPY BIRTHDAY! and get this post?
    wtf ace? how sad that you hate your birthday, you're such a celebrater.
    and i honestly don't remember that party we had for you. was it at keller's parents house?
    witch fingers? yellow bear?
    well, I LOVE YOU and hope you have the best day no matter what.
    ps- i just found out my grandma passed away. i loved her so much, but it was easy and painless and she was 95. what more could you want. she drank wine every day. maybe you should get yourself a nice bottle of wine and enjoy it w/ whoever happens to show up. be it you or 20+ people. LOVE YOU!

  2. Jake, I'm so sorry about your grandma! I'm glad it was painless. But it's still hard to lose someone you love, painless or not. I like the wine every day idea!

  3. I actually DO remember Keller's house. I don't remember it being a B-Day party and I don't remember the bear. BEAR? Seriously? Why would we give you a bear. That seems really weird.

    I think you just need to go with it Ace and not worry to much about your bday. Have fun - and celebrate tomorrow or next month. it doesn't matter when or what. Maybe you hould start an "I LOVE FEB 4th" motto in your head. Honestly, people who make big deals about their birthdays after a certain age really annoy me. I mean the occasional dinner party is great but I know a few who act like the world should stop because they expect everyone to celebrate. And then guess what - they never even acknowledge anyone elses - dumb I know but what ev.

    I hope you have a nice day - even if it just means buying yourself a Venti Frappacino.

    Jen, I am sorry to hear about your Grandma - which one? Moms or Dads? the one who couldn't see or the other one? My Grandma is getting really old too. She will be 94 and is SUPER frail. I will be devastated I think when she dies. Are you going to fly back to Ohio/Florida?

  4. case- are you talking about me? bc i LOVE celebrating my birthday, and haven't been the best at remembering to send cards to friends. whatever. each to their own on their day, but it just sucks that it stresses you out ace. that's all. it should be at least mildly special feeling. do what makes YOU happy.

    my dad's mom. the tiny blind one that found the good in every situation in life. even losing her memory. she was the BEST!

  5. Okay fine, I love my birthday. Actually a frappucino is in my future today (or maybe something warm- it is super super cold here). And a happy hour live band karaoke thing. I was stressing out because I was like, Hey guys, let's go to this thing for my birthday, and then I realized it was possible that no one would come. But people are coming and it is going to be fun, dammit. I will be forwarding all of you the email I got from Karl's mom this morning.

  6. GOOD LORD - no I am not talking about you Jake. I have no problem sewing golden dresses and having fun but I one friend in particular in IS that makes it miserable on everyone involved. There is a difference between having fun and having to bow down to someone on their birthday. Especially when mine is never even acknowledged.

    I wish I could be there for Karaoke Ace. Have Fun!!!!!! And please make a blog post on this mornings email. PRETTY PLEASE???

  7. jen. i'm sorry to hear about your grandma. your family will be in my thoughts.

    amanda, what did you sing last night? i really hope it was journey :)

    keller, get a ski helmet :) kids' size...

    case, i don't remember the bear either, but i apologize if that was the sitch.

    love you girls! xo

  8. Sorry about your Grandma, Jake.

    I do remember the party and I think someone spilled some wine of the carpet and I moved a rug over to cover it up.

    You guys are all wonderful, by the way.