Sunday, February 20, 2011

Anything with a crow on the cover is alright by me

It has been awhile since I have listened to a new album as much as this one. (Taylor Swift's was totally not my fault) It is REALLY good. For some reason it reminds me of Lyle Lovett's "Road to Ensenada" - I think it is because I have been listening to it as much as I listened to that one 15 years ago. I don't often do that - actually I don't often get into new music. Usually I am 5 years late to the game. I mean I still listen to mixed tapes from college and STILL sing the wrong words - "a pocket full of pose" for instance.

This album plus tickets to see Ryan Bingham this weekend means I am musically happy even as I am surrounded by the ever present noise of Taylor Swift and Irish Jigs.

P.S. - He really could have done without the annoying Mariachi trumpet that shows up randomly. i think it would have been near perfect if he had.


  1. i'm in love and i don't even know who it is. the crow basically seals the deal for me.
    (maybe you should burn me a copy)
    .. and sadly enough i'm cassette playerless now in life, but i still have all the mixes! my stereo from hs is still going strong. maybe the first model out that featured a cd player :) you might be the only person out there case, who i have surpassed w/ musical technology.

  2. I burned you one!!!

    But then I sent it in a care package to my cousins wife who is still battling the effects of a nasty fight against cancer. I will do it soon!

  3. I seriously want a copy. And I'm jealous of your show this weekend... Have fun!

    Lisa and Jim just got tix to bluegrass feat... I'm seriously considering going. Anyone want to meet me there??

  4. so i saw crooked still last nite. super good if you don't know them. saw them this summer at targhee bluegrass fest. there cd has been playing in my car ever since.
    anyway- i'll burn you all a copy si quieren.

    just throwing it out there...
    burn all lipchippers a copy of your latest favorite least known cd. there could be fun mail days ahead!

  5. jen- thanks for the cd! case, any amos lee headed my way?? xo