Thursday, February 10, 2011

How many seconds?

8 obviously.
So, I'm on my 4th sick day at home. Are you kidding me? no, no one is kidding here.
Yesterday my big outing was to the library (literally right across the st) to pick up a movie hold. The journey nearly kicked my ass.
Today, I made it to the post office and on the way home decided to return said movie and see if there was anything on the shelf worth watching.
First thing to catch my eye in 2.2 seconds... "8 Seconds"!
Move over Joey Cargill, this cowgirl is going to re-learn the dance.
One, Two, Three, Four...


  1. well shit. i forgot he dies. now i'm bawling my eyes out.
    .. but the dance was good! :)

  2. 4 days in a row??? GEE, GEE, GEEZZZZZZZZE
    You must be sick.

    I was just thinking of Joe last night - somehow in relation to Hans. Hans is in town/Vail and I could not swing a visit with him:(

    My kid likes to dance so off to NM we go!!