Friday, February 18, 2011

I don't need this shit

My washing machine broke this week. It is a year old.
I got "flashed" by a speed camera in a construction zone yesterday.
Double fines I am sure
A rock hit my wind sheild last night and it cracked


  1. BOO! Case, I'm sorry. I hope today is better. Maybe your nosy neighbor will let you use her washing machine.

  2. Here's hoping Lady Luck gives your fortune wheel another spin, Case.

    That said, why does shit break all of the time after just one-two years? I was telling carpool buddy Rick the only thing that gets made any more that lasts more than two years is an airplane.

  3. things come in 3's. i think you're done for a while case. shit, i'm sorry.
    hey keller- nice pic. you're getting fancy on us. since you've figured out how to add a picture, i'm sure you'll figure out how to change your name to keller. (hint hint).
    here's to lady luck giving us all a president's day fortune spin.

  4. I was confused myself when I got an email notification...was thinking, that sounds like same thing I wrote. Name is now changed to K-E-L-L-E-R. In the house.

  5. What is with this lady luck stuff?