Saturday, February 5, 2011


Just because some memories need to be remembered -

From: "Jen Jacobsen"
Subject: budda
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 15:59:36 MDT

who would have thought that when i innocently woke up this morning at 10:37am that my day would turn so intense?
i need a shot of tequilla right now. lime AND salt.
so i'm sewing away, no big deal. normal morning on jones for me.
i smell something. out of the vent in my floor.
in soon discovery spedict, premo and i are searching the stinky basement for dead. we think it's in our warm friend downstairs (which case turned on last night and she got sick off the smell) then premo says to look in one of the drawers in our dark room.
and HOLY HELL! we find budda, the neighbors missing cat. dead.
oh, boys-----you left for work and think the story is over. but no.
i'm home waiting for the exterminator to come take the cat.
no, he won't take the drawer also, he says there's no room in his truck so the maggoty drawer still sits in our driveway. he says the maggots will be dead by tomorrow. and as he's about to leave, the car pulls up. the neighbor (peggy, i found out her name) come out, sees the animal control truck. asks if they've found her cat and with a simple nod of my head, she starts bawling and next think i know my shoulder is her kleenex. (i've never met the lady before)
in the confusion of mr exterminator warning her about her cat's condition and her insisting that she wants it to bury, the phone rings and it's kevin cashman. i'm talking to this kid and finally he's like, so how have you been? he wasn't expecting my reply. oh and cashman had just called BEFORE the exterminator got there, so i had two intense cashman calls, dealing with rotting budda cats, crying ladies and i just wanted to take a shower. then a random guy tries to deliver this 7 ft long tube package for some random who doesn't live here anymore, but still uses 7033 jones ave for his mailing address. it was simply too much.
so i get off the phone cause peggy said she wanted to talk to me and i thought she was mad at me for sending her cat to animal control. so i brace myself for that. she wasn't mad at all, but in talking to her, she let's me in on her "funny story" i think she almost told case the other day.
......our house is haunted. or maybe vexed is a better word.
anyway, that is why the lady before us moved out. there is also a dead cat buried in our yard.
so that is my story.
i have to go to work so this is a message to my roommates as much as anyone, but tell me this.
what is worse. maggoty cats or maggoty rats.
both i can deal without.
peace and pleasant smells.


  1. so funny! i remember reading that e-mail or a similar one. wow. awful and funny at the same time. thanks for making me laugh!

  2. were the hell did this come from? and who was i writing to?
    god, i love this story.

  3. Oh my god. I cannot believe you still have that email! Priceless. I forgot about the maggoty drawer in the driveway. And I do not believe that the exterminator didn't have room for it in his truck. Warm friend... hilarious.

  4. There are so MANY things about this that are hilarious. Like, why did Jake wake up innocently at 10:37? 10;37 is pretty darn late and 37? come on. Why did we actually say a hole in our basement was a dark room? and especially the warm friend. Jake has always thought that it was just our nickname for that behemoth. But I seem to remember a face plate that had "Warm Friend" inscribed across the front. We need to investigate that further. annie had teh email - not me. I do not keep stuff like that. Often wish I did.

  5. i have to say... this is by far one of the best things I ever got by email. I still read it four or five times a year. At the time I felt soooo bad for Jenny, but now, it's by far one of the funniest things. the investigating, the warm friend, the crying,the delivery (I've always wanted to know what was in the tube shaped package!) it kills me every time.
    Jenny - if I was there, I would have found you the tequila!
    you girls are the best.