Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Update

Well the First Confession went well. I did not confess. I had a few minutes of Catholic guilt as I saw a ton of parents lining up after the kids. But Macie was second in line and after I saw my adorable little girl come out with a smile on her face, kneel and say her penance (one Our Father - she got off easy for all of those sins) my urge to get the hell out of there was much stronger than my need to confess. We were the first ones to leave.

We bought Keller a new ski coat on Saturday (success).It was only $50. And then we skied yesterday while Macie was in ski school. It was fun to hang out but S-L-O-W going. The thing with Keller is that she likes to be in control (think the car radio, the newspaper or the TV remote). In skiing this quality is not a bad thing. She did really well and only fell five times (she says two times but I helped her up at least three) After a few runs on the bunny hill we moved to a regular green run. My goal was to get her to the top of the mountain so we could have lunch up there. She was doing fantastic until a snow cat came up the hill. It freaked her out. Even though I was behind her I could tell that she was thinking that her choices were to turn toward it and get run over (it had to be 50 yds away) or to turn towards the trees. She chose the trees. After the stress of a near death experience she decided to remain in control the rest of the day so she could prefect her skill. I think she did it! So next year it will up to the top at lunch (the horrible music blaring from the bar's speakers at the base of the mountain and the dog begging us for food was enough to ruin our lunch and I think convince her that the ambiance on top of the mountain might be better). We skied a run with Macie at the end of the day so they could show off for each other. I think they both looked pretty good!


  1. that picture of keller skiing... PRICELESS>
    maybe next yr i'll come ski w/ you guys and try to get my skiing in colorado image out of my mind (think lost opal earring).
    nice work keller!
    i shredded some sick corduroy today at lunch demoing some powder skis :) hehe

  2. IN! i'm totally in for the green hills (and a few blues) with keller and beer drinking and lunch at the top. so glad you've picked up this sport! and i would have loved to see the look on your face, keller, as that cat went by...

    as for confession, case, i bet your conscience felt lighter too after it was all over!

  3. Case didn't confess...nothing to confess to - it's all a big myth.

    Speaking of those, who ever said I like to be in control? I didn't know that about myself...I think I'm pretty damn laid-back.

    As for the ski adventure, Case is an awesome trainer - patient, fun, kind....everything you could ask for in a ski instructor and more! Thanks for a great weekend, Case!

  4. Check yourself Keller. The cheese may be at an all time high. Good god.

  5. A snow cat? I would have been freaked out, too.

  6. not as often as mountain lions anyway.

    ...they mostly make corduroy.

  7. I bet trees kill 1053% more than snowcats but she was a newbie (who wasn't wearing a helmet)

  8. a tree killed a snow mobiler the other day here. and a skier. different tree.
    (i noticed the lack of helmet, bad keller, muy mal)

  9. In Keller's defense she has a REALLY small head. Macie's new helmet would be too big for her. The only one we had that would fit was Macie's hot pink toddler one and pink isn't really her color - we should have sray painted it orange.

    PS - welcome to Lip Chip Annie!