Friday, January 28, 2011

As the week draws to a close...

I'd just like to reflect on the highlights. Those include:
  • Overhearing two coworkers talking about me
  • Forgetting my boots one day and having numb feet during my walk from the bus to the house
  • Wearing the same holey shirt two days in a row
  • Dinner with the in-laws
  • Missing the bus

Okay seriously there were some good things. Such as:

  • Pottery class
  • Knitting potluck with crackling fire and crock-pot brownies
  • An unexpected Starbucks visit due to missing the bus (I had to wait somewhere for the next bus!)
  • Using an awesome Groupon to get some fancy Pancetta for a pressure cooker recipe I'm hoping to try this weekend
  • Go-Go dancing
  • Having 20 'tweens show up for after-school knitting at the library
  • Making an appointment to have our taxes done for the first time ever (I've always done them on paper... I'm dreading what the guy is going to say when he sees the copy of last year's taxes)

Look at that... more goods than bads. I'll take it.

I hope you all had more goods than bads this week too! xo


  1. You heard you coworkers talking about you? What did you do? That is the worst. I think next times you should say, "um...I can hear you!"

    Sorry Ace. That is the worst.

  2. I just stood there listening. It was like I couldn't move... I wanted to stop them, but I had to hear what they were saying. Next time I'll try to loudly sneeze or something.

  3. were they saying really bad things, or was it more that they were just talking about you behind your back? start sneezing all the time, then you'll catch them talking about your allergies. hahah.
    sorry ace, they suck. you don't.