Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Barb Update

So... Karl's mom (Barb) called the other day because we had plans to go out for dinner tomorrow to celebrate my birthday, and she wanted to know where I'd like to go. I gave her three options. Two Thai, one American. I figured she'd pick the American place, but no. She chose an Italian restaurant I hadn't even mentioned. So annoying.

Here's the kicker, though: Karl's uncle, Ken, is here for the week from Washington state. After this, he's flying straight to Italy to supervise a study-abroad trip for spring semester. His only request for our dinner out tomorrow was that it not be Italian, since he'll be eating Italian for four months.

What is wrong with her???


  1. Acer, you need to take control. I think she is doing this to let you know that she is in charge. Stop giving her the option. Just make the reservation and tell her where you are going:)

  2. i agree w/ case. you need to be firm (not necessarily bitchy) and just make it your way. or don't hang out /w her. say sorry, i'm busy but tahnks for thinking of me. maybe you can get me a gift certificate to anthropology :)