Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm here...

I'm here...just slightly depressed and so have not been posting much (or at all, as it turns out). Typical for this time of year for me, I've been bombarded with holiday shit I don't want, have spent too much money, and have nothing but crap to show for it in return. While I took up the hobby actually shredding some various holiday cards this year (not any of yours, don't worry), it brought only temporary joy. Why so grim, you ask? Well, lets just say I spent close to $500 on Giftmas for others and here is what I got in a return:

1. A phallic-looking nativity set that is missing one of the three kings (when I asked where the third was, it was met with surprise that I would notice such a detail...turns out the 2 king set was cheaper). By the way, how do I post pictures to this thing? Everyone should see a king.

2. Black and White checkered fleece pants.

3. Dish rags.

4. Perhaps my favorite, wrapped in a Caress soap box: a mini pack of peanuts, a partially used tube of toothpaste and a one dollar Sacajawea coin.

So, can you understand now why I had a momentary spurt of "my life sucks" time? The good news is that today was much sweeter, and I'm actually in a good mood with a positive outlook on life. Yes, for the most part, I am loving life right now. Cheers, my friends, cheers.


  1. Keller, next year just forget about giving gifts.

    P.S. ---um I think you forgot about Vanity Fair

  2. At least you did not get a bunch of Bath and Body works shit that you are allergic to.

    The best gift I got was a St. Ben's sweatshirt! It reminds me of the good old days... can we please go back?