Tuesday, January 4, 2011


so last night i had this dream. i was with all of you somewhere and we were leaving where ever we were and i noticed lindsay had left her sweatshirt, purse and another bag and something else behind. so i grabbed it. we got somewhere and i was like, linds- you left all your shit back there, but i grabbed it and then i set it down. she was all into taking pictures (was this a dream or real life?) so just left her shit piled where i dropped it and these 2 punks ran up and stole her purse. she still doesn't notice, so i got pissed and chase them down. full on, tackle them and demand the purse back. of course the purse is this huge open bag w/ tons of shit in it. i notice her wallet is gone. i full on get these guys and demand the wallet. i'm like, you can keep the money, just give the god damn wallet back. they gave it back and got to keep like $15 bucks that was in it. i'm walking back w/ the wallet and notice practically an album of dog pictures in it (again- real life? or dream?) and think- well, the don't want this, thank god i got this back for her. get back to the crew and linds is still wrapped up in the picture taking and doesn't really notice.
just sayin' linds- i saved your ass (or at least your wallet) last nite.
night love you see you .. in dreamland.


  1. Toooootally real life. I love the part about the whole dog album in the purse. Still wrapped up in the picture taking... classic Lindsay.

  2. I'm just looking forward to retirement, when we can drive around in a Buick while Linds takes pictures of barns.

  3. Can you even imagine??? Linds totally on a barn mission and the four of us drinking wine and bitching the entire time from the back seat- with a dog between the two up front ...breathing dog breath in Keller's face while she searches her ipod for music. She is pissed about the dog breath but in near tears because "happy adoption day" is currently playing on the radio and we are all singing it at the top of our lungs.

    Here's to you and three cheers for you!