Thursday, December 23, 2010

Baby Bonus

One good thing about having a baby in 2013 is that then I think I will get a car too. I don't think I could have a baby and still take the bus all the time. It's way too dysfunctional. Today was particularly dumb. I missed my bus (which by the way has happened a total of one other time in two years at my current job) home by like two seconds, and as I was standing there slumped at the bus stop, watching the #70 drive away, debating between going back to work or standing in the cold for an hour, two teenage girls pulled up and offered me a ride. I took it, of course. It was like a Christmas miracle. Right there in the back of that cigarette smoke/car freshner-smelling Buick, chatting with two sisters... one works at a dry cleaners, and the other works at Menard's. My very own Christmas miracle.

Will I ever get my act together? It seems unlikely.

1 comment:

  1. i think owning a car while raising a child could be beneficial, but don't sell yourself short ace. missing the bus once a year isn't the worst and definitely doesn't constitute not having one's act together. some days are asi.
    keep your chin up friend... people w/ cars often miss out on christmas miracles (though we can often be the ones to create them.. but do we?)
    here's hoping your navidad was better than your christmas eve eve.