Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Simple Times

So excited! Just picked up my first library 'request'- Simple Times- crafts for poor people by Amy Sedaris. Can't wait to start crafting, or reading about it anyway. Could become my new favorite past time, only second to reading and collecting recipes.
I've decided that one of my New Year's resolutions is that I can only check out books, cds and audio books from the library that I can reasonably get through in the 3 wks allotment. I feel like i have a slight problem that needs addressing... when it comes to putting way too much shit on hold.
Oh and my new resolution of combing my hair has only happen once since i declared it is officially going to start happening. That might be my 2nd new years resolution.
I had another one, but i seemed to have already forgotten it.
I'm on my 2nd migraine of the month (which doesn't seem to be a good record) but shouldn't be anything that a night of margaritas w/ the coworkers shouldn't clear up manana.
boa noite amigos...


  1. I totally hear you on the need to limit library items. I always check out way too many, and then I feel guilty plus it's a huge waste of energy to check them out, not read them, feel guilty, and return them unread. If only I could read faster!

  2. Sedaris...This time of year that name always reminds me of the David Sedaris CD you gave me last year. I still laugh whenever I think of Christmas in the Netherlands - Santa with seven or eight black men. The strangest Christmas tradition ever!


    Here it is!