Wednesday, December 22, 2010

chicken shack

love the blog -- even more now that i've finally figured out how to use it and write something!

thank you, case, for getting that story down on "paper" so that everyone could know the reason for the name. i do want your sisters to know that the story is primarily told via charade- and we tell it as one person acts it out. speaking of charades, i think a game is long overdue.... some of my other faves include: chicken shack, nate cerra playing darts, and so on.

given that i am losing my memory, maybe someone can remind me when/where/why we started playing charades. was it on that same girls' weekend trip up north? or was it in our dorm rooms some random night? whenever it was, somehow, it stuck.

and i love the lip chip story the best.

anyway, that's about all for now. but i'm into having a baby in 2013, so i can be in on the plan, too, regardless of where i am in life. i want a baby at some point, and 2013 sounds like a good time! (although given my recent "motherhood" to a puppy, i think i have to work on my patience!)

one more random tidbit: last week some of my students had a hard time- week before break and all. one of my students got a note from the recess duty person that she was not following directions. i turned the slip of paper over and read, "reminded not to go up the slide 2 times. told me to mind my own beeswax." i seriously had to turn away and laugh, before i told her to go apolgoize to the lady. what kid says that to an adult? i tell you... this year can't go quickly enough!

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  1. Oh thank god you're here. I had "Email Lindsay with instructions on how to post on Lip Chip" on my to-do list for today... guess I can cross that off!

    I had forgotten about Nate Cerra playing darts. Ha!

    And I adore the term "mind your own beeswax." But only in a no-one-says-that-anymore-kind-of-trashy way.