Monday, December 20, 2010

so it goes..

I guess we'll get all the royalties...
and what about lindsay? i mean, i know her life is boring, but she should at least be a follower.
i'm sorry about your baby jealousy ace. but just so you know- you'll make a better mom and you have a cooler blog. your little girl is going to have SO MUCH FUN growing up. from the sounds of it, this little girl will only develop an eating disorder.
love you so much-
maybe we should have a baby together... i'm shooting for 1.11.13 (opposite mara's baby due date: 1.13.11) wanna join me?
hugs and high fives!
-true lipchiper


  1. Have I missed something here?

  2. Case are you in on the baby plan too? Macie needs a little sister or brother!

  3. I've been thinking about having a baby too. I would say that sounds like just as good a date as any, but I really want a Gemini baby, so mine might pop out a bit later, eh.