Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lost Opportunity - I could have been a congressman's wife.

BIG NEWS is right... although I think I have called you all by now.

Dave called yesterday. I got a message in the middle of the day that said, "Please call me back. I have something important to talk with you about." He only calls in the middle of the day if he wants to talk when Macie is not around.

My first response was - "Fuck he and his wife are having a kid." Not that I would care but I think it would be super hard for Macie - He sees her so little and seven years later she still cries herself to sleep because she misses her daddy - dumb I know but whatev.

So I call back - totally dreading the news. He answers and says-
"Well, I have some I'm going to run for Congress... US CONGRESS" with emphasis on the US to make me realize the importance of the task ahead.

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN TO ME? I can't dream up this shit, seriously!!

The best part about the conversation is that my phone chose that moment to cut out.....

And instead of calling him back I called Keller - left a message
called Jake- She totally thought I was crying but in reality I was laughing too hard to speak.
called Prem - left a message

Then I called him back and he said "So what so you think?" I think I said something like "Besides that this is the stupidest fucking thing I have ever heard of?"... You can imagine the conversation went downhill from there.

A few minutes later my mom called I asked her what she was doing and she said she was with Macie at a park. I figured it was great moment to tell her the BIG news since Macie was off running around. I told her.... she was totally quite for a moment and then she said in a very serious voice,
"Oh that it is too bad. Honey, you would have made an amazing Congressman's Wife"

I was stunned... What????

Then I heard her laugh hysterically.


  1. What do Congressmen's wives wear anyway? Would you have had to wear a lot of suits with skirts? And little hats? Silky scarves? Probably lots of pantyhose.

  2. i can't fucking stop laughing! do you think the AP will link into LIP CHIP? guys! this will be our big break!

  3. Royalities to the congressman!

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  5. Let's hope it's not scarves....Case would buy one (probably orange) and then suddenly *poof* it's gone. At least that's what happened to mine.