Wednesday, December 22, 2010

keep the lip

nice memory linds.. completely forgot about nate cerra playing darts. HILARIOUS!
i love lip chip. who cares if it isn't marketable. it doesn't have to be. and honestly, i don't think we should explain it, we should just say.. "why not? (read: blank stare back)"
the other day i called livi all excited to tell her. you know she's the one who told me the story back in the day. i tried to explain the profound effect it had on shaping our formative college years.. i think she might have gotten it. she probably just thinks i'm mostly nuts, but who doesn't?

um case- i think you're forgetting some big news...

love and holiday hugs friends,
matilda moon max jacobsen

ps- i hear you on the patience thing linds.. wow. i have the up most respect for my brother these days.

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