Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You guys.

The Jim Henson traveling exhibit is in Chicago, and I get to go! Yay!

Also, what is up with GW2011? If Greece isn't a go, let's plan a weekend somewhere. I'm going to Greece for a week in March, if anyone wants to come along!

Does Keller even know that this blog exists?


  1. Are you going to meet mara at the muppet show?
    I'm in for Greece, but probably May. Just checked out a book at la biblioteca...
    You can give us pointers upon your return ace. But maybe we should do a get together somewhere. Jackson? Let me know..

  2. ps- when the royalties come in.. do we get commission based on our entries/comments?
    ace- we've got this one in the bag!

  3. Maybe we should hire a lawyer

  4. Muppets were awesome. And I LOVE THIS BLOG.