Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sick dude.

Karl's uncle is here from Washington state, and today he came over for breakfast today and seriously he belched the entire time. Not like one long three-hour belch, but a series of small, medium, and large belches.

It was completely vile.


  1. is there anyone he is related to that is awesome?

  2. though i do wish it was 1 3-hr burp. that would be awesome.
    sometimes i think i'm karl's uncle to my dad. he hates my burping, bc it's unlady like, but i honestly can't really help it- plus it's kind of fun.

  3. His grandmas are pretty great, and he has a few aunts/uncles who are borderline awesome.

    If it had been one 3-hour burp, I bet I would have made it like 4 minutes before vomiting.

  4. Were they loud? Or just quiet burps?

  5. Medium loud. Definitely not quiet.