Monday, May 16, 2011

My little Catholic

Macie made her first communion last weekend. She and my mom went veil shopping and apparently she fell in love with this one and had to have it. My only question was "Does she think she is princess Diana?" For a girl who refused to wear a veil when I made mine this one seemed to be a little much. It also had a huge poof of tulle on top of the veil but Aunt Annie came to the rescue, cut it off and fixed it because the whole family agreed that it WAS a bit much

She received many nice gifts but I never saw her open them because I was so busy doing other things (like drinking Mimosas and watching my awesome sisters help me out with the brunch). Evidently my grandma had my aunt buy Macie a rosary at the Vatican when my family visited last month. My grandma has called me three times this week to find out if Macie liked it. She wants to know what it looks like and would like me to send pictures. Finally this weekend I fessed up to her and admitted that I have not yet looked at Macie's gifts. They are still sitting on the fireplace hearth along with all of the accompanying wrapping paper and trash (I've been busy). When I said this I heard a very characteristic "Oh...". Somehow my Grandma Peabody is able to infuse those two letters with a great deal of disgust and disappointment- it is pretty amazing really. And then she said "Well I just hope she likes it and will use it" USE IT??? I have never in my life used a rosary. The only experience I have had with them is digging through my grandma's enormous purse to find one of hers for her during mass. But Macie- Oh no, my grandma does not have to worry.

I have walked into her room three times this week before bed to find her on her knees saying the rosary. IN FACT, last night she said "Mom, I am almost done. Can I please finish?" So I laid there waiting to read Harry Potter to her while she meditated on the fifth mystery or whatever the hell you do.

After all of these phone calls and questions I told this to my grandma hoping that it would satisfy her. Her response - "Oh...(again with disgust) I really hope I have not pushed her into being a nun"

Ya, so do I.


  1. Please send her to a state school for college, Case.

  2. dying. I watched her open her gifties... there's no rosary from the vatican... we don't know where it is. Totally missing in action from the trip. ALB might have it. Mace seemed pretty psyched about the money (who knew that swearing your allegiance to JC would score over $100???)
    Does she really know the whole rosary? well I guess it's only a few prayers... she also corrected my Hail Mary - I can't remember what liberal line I slipped in there (b/c what if god really is a woman?) but she made darn sure I knew that I was probably saying it wrong these last 25 years.

    The veil turned ou to be a good move - she would have been a little left out - most of the other girls had them.
    godmother to a future nun. I'm psyched.