Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Grab Bags

I've always hated grab bags. I think it is because I always get something dumb. And then I look around and see the awesomeness that other people have gotten and I just feel jipped. I kind of feel like that now...but I am trying to keep an open mind.

A few weeks ago I bought around $300 worth of tickets to the Grand Ole Opry for Girls Weekend in Nashville. They had not announced the line up when we bought them but I was looking at the schedule for weeks before and saw the coolest name like the Oak Ridge Boys, Emmy Lou Harris, and Del McCoury. I was super excited and just knew we get someone we were all hoping for (Dolly Parton). But no. The line up seems to be set and there are 5 or 6 people on there that I never heard of.

Its OK though. I am sure it will still be awesome... I hope


  1. You know what is going to happen? We are going to go and there's going to be some no-namer and before you know it she will be totally famous and everyone will love her and we'll all be like, "Oh, her? I saw her back in 2012. She was alright."

    But I also hate grab bags, for the record.

    1. agreed. hate grab bags. love the grand ole oprey. i think it will be fabulous. thanks for getting the tix, case. if nothing else, we'll have lots of people to make fun of!

  2. OR! they're lining up no namers, and someone like JT will surprise us and just hop on stage..
    he did that in Jackson once. but i guess that was a snowboard party w/ brother ali.. so maybe not JT.. but you get my point.
    OO! OOOH!.. what if it's amos lee...
    or.. johnny cash!

  3. Who is JT? and Jake hater to break it to you but Johnny died.