Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Horrific Night

Macie and I were driving home from dance tonight and I could tell she was upset. She was talking on the phone to her dad but not saying much - which normally means she is bored. But tonight she looked like she was about to cry. She got off the phone and burst into tears.  They were talking about her Grandma's cat who is missing and he told her that he thought Monkatoo found a new home. She was devastated. She really loves that cat.

We got home, I was walking up the stairs  to our condo with a hysterical little girl and I heard what sounded like cats fighting on the lawn right outside our window. I looked out there and the first thing I saw was a massive coyote. I told Macie to go to her room  (of course she didn't go) I went on the balcony and started screaming at the coyote. He looked up, lost interest in the cat and started running away. He had cornered the cat into a drainage pipe and he couldn't get in there anyway. He was almost fifty yards away and for a split second I was so happy that I helped to save someones adorably fluffy, fat white cat. Then to my horror that stupid cat crawled out of the drainage pipe, screeched across the lawn and jumped on the coyote's back. I think he thought they were playing but he quickly found out otherwise. This all happened in less than 30 seconds. I considered going down there but the coyote was huge and I was afraid for myself and Macie.

The cat was totally getting attacked. He finally broke free and screeched across the lawn back to the pipe. He almost made it but each time he tried to get in the pipe the coyote would pull him out again- fur and parts flying. It was seriously the absolute loudest,  most horrifying, worst thing I can imagine. Then I realized it was so loud because Macie was standing right beside me screaming and crying just as loud as the cat. There was nothing we could do to save the cat at that point and I had to get her inside so she didn't see any more. She has been crying for the last two hours and someone lost a really cute but REALLY stupid cat. What a night.


  1. Oh my god. That sounds terrible! Would a bb gun work on coyotes?

  2. omg. i can't believe i'm laughing right now.. i'm ridiculously in love w/ my cats right now.. but god. what are the chances... seriously.