Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bitching About Babies

Karl's brother and his wife had a baby just over 2 months ago. They live 20 minutes away. I have not even gotten to hold the baby yet. Granted, I was gone for two weeks, but still. We are like the least important people ever to them.

Two nights ago I dreamt that I was pregnant. When I woke up I was so sad. We aren't trying to get pregnant or anything, and now would be the worst time for it, but I really want a baby. So that makes the sister-in-law thing even harder, because she has one and won't share. Bitch.


  1. Sorry Amanda. Maybe you could make them dinner and use it as an excuse to come by?? That stinks. I want one too and I'm not married at all if that makes youfeel any better... When I'm there in July I'll share my nieces with you!! Xo

  2. just be glad you didn't make the requested baby hat. new mom's can be DIFICIL!
    you'll get your day in the sun.. and in the mean time sleep up.. you'll need it.

  3. DIFICIL. Love, love that word. Funny, Eri and I were just talking about babies last the moon full?

  4. Oh Linds, I've made meals- but it always ends up that Dale (Karl's brother) picks it up and then we get the dish back like six months later. They just hate us. I'm glad I can share your nieces this summer! And Jen, I did make a hat-- just not the ridiculous one she wanted. Seriously in the birth announcement the kid is wearing a tube top/strapless dress.