Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Mother-in-Law is Ridiculous

This time the story is just plain weird.

Her mother (in Illinois) is in her 90's and recently decided to sell her house and move to an assisted living condo. So Barb's sister, who also lives in Illinois, is cleaning out the grandma's house. And by cleaning out, I mean cleaning out. They are throwing everything away, which seems wasteful and lazy and irresponsible all at the same time. Karl's mom went down there over the weekend, and she asked if we wanted anything from the house. I said we would love any Christmas things or antique dishes. Well, all of the Christmas stuff is already at the dump, but she did offer me two large plywood geese (no thank you) and several boxes of blue curtain fabric (we do need new curtains, but also no thank you). But then she mentioned that there was an entire set of red depression glass that no one wanted, and she asked if we would like it. I was so excited that

a. It survived, and

b. I could have it.

So I said yes, I would love it, and she said, okay, great, I'm glad someone can use it, and I'll bring it home for you on Monday.

She called Karl last night while I was at work to tell him that she brought the depression glass home with her, but before she gives it to us she wants to serve a meal on it. She's thinking Christmas dinner. What??? Why? I mean, I don't care, but that is truly bizarre. Okay, go ahead and keep the boxes in your already crowded basement until you force us all to come to your house for some awkward family holiday and go to town serving mayonnaise-broccoli salad and stale dinner rolls on dishes you didn't even want. See if I care.

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  1. If that's what you have to do for the glasses, well, I guess it's worth it...