Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Not even kidding

On Saturday, we were blessed with a lunch visit from Karl's parents (Barb and Don). Barb surprised us with two plates of cookies. Here they are... I'll type what the labels say underneath the pictures just in case you can't read them.
NUTS! Low fat,Choc. Chips Dried Cherries, Oatmeal

NO NUTS! Low fat, Choc. Chip, Dried Cherries, Oatmeal

Then she told me this long story about how she made a HUGE batch of cookie dough (which I'm sure was like a cup and a half) and she wanted to make half with nuts and half without. And she started making the no-nut ones first, and by the time she was done with the no-nut ones, she hardly had any dough left to make the with-nut ones! So when she's at home and she eats a no-nut one, she sticks a few nuts in the top. Seriously her stories are so boring.

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